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Top 5 cranberry salads

Story and photos by Angie Sutton


There it is on the table. A tubular-shaped gelatinous glob with the telltale rings indented into its circumference. The infamous can of cranberry sauce that inhabits a small space amongst the other usual suspects on the Thanksgiving dinner table. Nestled perhaps between the dinner rolls and the green bean casserole, the host hopes someone will take the obligatory slice.

Worry no more. This week's article from Mother's Apron Strings highlights some of the best cranberry salad recipes from Sutton Central. I like to use fresh cranberries to create these recipes, but you can always use canned whole cranberries. Something about the way the house smells as the cranberries are cooked and ground just wraps you in the warmth of the holiday, like a jacket on cool fall evening.

Perhaps one of these recipes will become your "go-to" holiday dish for years to come. Warm wishes from my kitchen to yours this Thanksgiving holiday. May you enjoy the gratitude for all we have and enjoy, for a safe and bountiful fall harvest and for the rest that the holiday brings.


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