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Scotch Eggs
Chef:  Thelma Baldock - Delphos, KS          Category:  Appetizers

1 lb. pork sausage (roll)
2 to 3 cups fine bread crumbs
6 to 8 hardboiled eggs
1 well beaten egg
cooking oil

Directions: Cut the sausage meat into 6 or 8 equal parts, depending on size of eggs. Flatten sausage with palms of floured hands. Place 1 cooled boiled egg in center of the flattened sausage and mold the meat around the egg until it resembles a smooth round ball. Dip the balls into the beaten egg, roll in the bread crumbs. Deep fry, turning frequently. Cook well. Drain the excess oil onto paper towels. Serve hot or cold. Cut into fourths for party nibblers on party picks. (Makes 24).

Notes: These are great for lunch box meals, instead of the usual sandwiches.