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Kappy's Sourdough Spinach Loaf

1 (10 oz.) package chopped spiach, thawed
1 cup mayonnaise (not salad dressing)
1 cup sour cream
1 can whole water chestnuts, drained and sliced thin
1 box Knorr Swiss vegetable soup mix
1 pound round loaf of sourdough bread

Directions: Drain the spinach and squeeze out extra mositure. Combine all ingredients except the bread and chill overnight in refrigerstor to soften the dry vegetable in the soup mix. On the day you are serving, slice 1 to 1/2-inch from top of the loaf. Hollow out the bread from the center and cut into bit-size pieces. Fill the crusty shell with the spinach mixture and serve with the bits of bread or with crackers.

Notes: Easy and quick to make. Can be amde as much as 2 weeks ahead.