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Chicken Pies
Chef:  Rochelle Rocheford - Potwin, KS          Category:  Main Dishes

1 (16 oz.) package chopped broccoli
1 (16 oz.) package baby carrots
1 (16 oz.) package frozen potato chunks
1 (16 oz.) package frozen corn
3 (6 oz.) cans chunk white chicken (drained of juice)
1 (family sized) can condensed cream of mushroom soup
1 (10 1/2 oz.) can condensed cream of chicken soup
3 double crusts refrigerated pie shells
butter or margarine
salt and pepper

Directions: Toss broccoli, carrots and corn together in large bowl. Flake chicken into bowl. Add undiluted soups and stir together mixing evenly. Place bottom crusts into 3 deep dish pie plates. Perforate with fork tines. Divide vegetable mixture evenly between the 3 pies. Place top crusts on pie, cutting several vent holes into the top of each. Using a piece of wax paper, spread butter onto the top of each pie. Add salt and pepper to crusts as well. At this point, the pies can either be covered and frozen for future use or baked. To bake place uncovered pie into a 400°F for 40 minutes. Insert knife into a vent hole to check vegetables for tenderness. Remove from oven and let stand 5 to 10 minutes. Cut in normal pie slices and serve.