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Strawberry Whip
Chef:  Lois Mills - Lake City, KS          Category:  Side Dishes

1 box strawberry gelatin
1-1/2 cups boiling water
1 pint vanilla ice cream
1 pint strawberries
1/2 cup nuts or walnuts
1/2 lb. vanilla wafers

Directions: Mix gelatin and water add vanilla ice cream, stir until dissolved let set until mixture begins to thicken. Whip until fluffly. Add strawberries and let set then whip again. Add nuts. Line pan with 1/2 of vanilla wafers that have been crushed. Pour mixture over wafers and top with rest of vanilla wafers. Chill over night.

Notes: My Mom made this every Christmas for my son who is 53 years old now, so you know it is an old family recipe.